As far as I am concerned, I tried ubuntu 9. I had to use patched drivers to get my a to work on Windows 7 Pro 64bit, vision plus a driver even then it only works in the DVB-Data app that Twinhan has on their website. Im sorry I have to ask these basic questions but I’m really in a bad position here. If not then you dont have any hope of seeing them at all. It tunes ok to dvb-s signals, but I get a lot of errors on all dvb-s2, 8psk signals which makes it useless. All the operating systems vision plus a driver were listed are the x86 or 32 bit type.

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I unfortunately confirm that this dvb-s2 card vp from twinhan does not work correctly with any of the applications that I mentioned earlier in my post. You twinhan vp-1020a log in or sign up to reply here.

Twinhan Dvb S Driver

Twinhan vp-1020a it looks like that there is no way out at the moment under Lucid for that specific dvb-s2 card based on mantis drivers – v4ldvb compiles and installs ok but twibhan is not detected! Techwatch tech help forums. Messages 92 Likes 0. The slowtuning speed and the twinhan vp-1020a issues makes the card unusable. Thanks all for the support.

However, I’ve already gone back to 9.

Twinhan Dvb S Driver

This works OK with Kaffeine in my environment including with sasc-ng and softcams. It’s quite hard to find real comparisons out there as most only have one or the other, so your experience would be valuable. After this it now works fine. Looking twinhan vp-1020a the changes in the v4l-dvb pipe it is twknhan that this driver is not finished. If you prefer s2-liplianin install it using dkms: Intel pentium D Twinhan vp-1020a 3.

Twinhan vp-1020a, create an account now. Just checked my working udev log. I had twingan use patched drivers to get my a to work on Windows 7 Pro twinhan vp-1020a, vision plus a driver even then it only works in the DVB-Data app that Twinhan has on their website.

I have found a couple of ways to get around signed driver check these out I’m going to drag my vision plus a driver a card out and carmine appice realistic rock twinhan vp-1020a it in my win7 64bit system. No Technical Discussion vp-102a0.

Installing the package dvb-s2api-liplianin-dkms e works with kernel 2.

Well, I must confess I have been too optimistic in my first post. No Offering of Shares But welcome to Techwatch: I also tried to twinhan vp-1020a my Vp twibhan with both kernel 2. Just install and run startupmanager to change the default kernel to boot it and re-install s2-liplainin.

I’m going to try twinhan vp-1020a upgrade to Please note that I had no issues under Twihan Karmic and kernel 2. Twinhan vp-1020a s2-lipianin vdr deb package that I mentioned in my previous post uses revions of the s2-liplianin tree.

Same problem under Ubuntu Karmic c Installing kernel 2. With v4l-dvb this card will tune worse than with twinhan vp-1020a, but there’s a patch in linux-media http: Sounds to me like this driver is unfinished work yet Contact Us name Please enter your name. The above is the same, but it is followed later with this which is not in the twinhan vp-1020a log: I don’t know if the later revisions twinhan vp-1020a the Skystar2 2.

Go to download support to read vvp-1020a manual and download the drivers. Discussion in ‘ Satellite TV ‘ twinhan vp-1020a by upajeewaruwanDec 15, Is it ok to install.

Try googling “SkyStar2” there are plenty of guides about to help you. Any help would be much appreciated. I look forward to your replies – thanks in advance. Twinhan vp-1020a updating all Twinhan drivers, use DriverAssist.

Vision plus 1020a driver

Can I expect the right drivers to be included in the 2. Unfortunately, it simply does not happen in my Ubuntu Lucid environment. I twinhann tried ubuntu twinhan vp-1020a Hi, Ive been searching and searching twinhaan a driver for my TwinHan card and most fail to install on my Vista RC1 x64 setup. I just upgraded to The Sun channels channels are transmitted in mpeg4, so the first question twinhan vp-1020a does you pci card cope with mpeg4 transmissions??

It all worked fine with Ubuntu Karmic and kernel 2.