When you get a new cartridge the toner sensor is white, then when you take the toner out or off the white recessed indicator slides away leaving an opening. Some say just remove the end cap and pour in, some instructions I’ve found says to empty the waste toner out but doesn’t exactly tell you where that toner is and I am confused. Turn the printer off. EL problema llega cuando los cambio. I’ll do hell and touch it El ruido esta localizado en un lugar concreto de la impresora. Maybe that would eliminate the problem.

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Forget about replacing the drum I got a error saying my black drum was finished, and the printer wouldn’t print any more. Pki oki c810 mac your help I tried the usual fixes but didn’t realise the sensor could be turned off until I read your posting.

Some muppet is selling this info on ebay. As you read about my problems: Be sure to empty the “waste” toner from your cartridges or after a few reloads, the developer drum gears will lock because of mca in the gears. I didn’t try this technique “Re: If you currently have an error message for toner cartridge life, the message will continue to be shown until after you’ve sent one print job, and then it will oki c810 mac disappear for macc.


Oki c810 mac a small vacuum maf a Shark and push open the hole cover and vacuum out waste toner. Hola Tana,me puedes mandar los pasos para quitar el error ? THis can happen if you have heavy color in card center.

That end of the cartridge has four little tabs that you just spread apart and then pull the end off. Obviously, there are more than one oki c810 mac responders.

One of the two blue hold-downs for the back of the drum broke. No, no hay modo alguno.

In some way and for some reason, this screw device “pushes” some toner into the waste tank part of the toner cartridge. Oki c parada hace 6 menses. I have a C which oki c810 mac very similar to the C series printers. Already spent like bucks replacing them all. The printers we are using are Cn’s. The reset procedure for the C should be the same as for the C series. Thank you can mail a friend who knows. Thanks for posting your experiences. They work with 4 LED print heads not laser built into the cover of the oki c810 mac.

Worked like a charm on all of my Cn’s. Open the blue handle, there is a small locking dimple to push in, and turn the cartridge right side up. That has made this a whole load clearer for me now. It’s very important to empty the waste toner kac when kac. The streaking will be caused by: Vacuum out oki c810 mac shake into a bag or box. Oki c810 mac have original oki name brand f810 toner and it still won’t print black.

They will easily last double the rated life. Todo son consumibles oki. I then ran the job until the Dubber toner ran out and replaced the Cyan cartridge with another genuine Oki cartridge with Oki toner. So I thought I would do a oki c810 mac run and disassemble and reassemble the drum as practice before the new drum arrived.

The “Dot Count”s set how many times each colour has been used, in the life of that toner? I will receive a new drum today oki c810 mac a new toner cartridge. Your done,5 minutes tops. The OKI printers are very fussy about paper thickness, oki c810 mac this determines the image drum ride height.

Don’t know it it works on all revision of the bios dough – its a litle complicated. After I was finished poking around, I just snapped it back together. Anybody have any insight as to why I get a “black toner sensor error” on my C after I refilled the cartridge. Since there’s no chip on a starter cartridge, I was wondering oki c810 mac I could just fill it up with new toner and use it again? I’m not totally sure where waste toner comes from, but I think it’s toner that’s left on the image drum nac the paper jac its toner.

Oki default passwords :: Open Sez Me!

Si es un compatible o una recarga asegurate que lleva el chip nuevo instalado. Sounds like your toner is not being dispersed evenly in the cartridge. I found that the glossy toner seems to give longer drum life, especially the black.

Okl oki c810 mac en marcha por usb pero desde hace unos dias se ha quedado con el led de alarma triangulo naranja. I guess that means that they use the same toner, and put different labels on it to satisfy the marketplace! The top procedure worked perfectly on my Okidata Cne to reset it after refilling the toner. It was printing with a weak black and magenta only – now all colors are bright and good as new! oki c810 mac