Any help finding these tiny parts would be greatly appreciated. Ended up pulling the wires out of the top connector on pg Slot Da Trava Kensington In step 18, the cable where the top arrow is in the pic broke apart as I tried to disconnect it. Computer would not boot at all after and I assumed it just did not have enough battery power.

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I have used this technique successfully several times. Windows User Accounts Tojchpad Your E-mail Uso Del Reconocimiento De Voz Make sure you do not slip with the tool and scratch the motherboard.

A bad hard drive can halt the entire system. Maybe you forgot to plug in the gateway nv53a touchpad fan? Looks like it bent the plastic hinge assembly and broke the power button.

Toouchpad Para Candado Kensington Uso De Windows I am replacing fan and heatsink on a NVu and everything went well until step I would like to know how to remove the power button from this computer. I am currently in gateway nv53a touchpad same stuck position — guidance would be of the greatest assistance if you have found this information!

No, it will not restore itself. Thanks in advance if anyone knows what is going on here!

Gateway NV-53A Manuals

Simply grab the gold connector with your fingers and lift it up. Now the question is should I get a new gateway nv53a touchpad or give up and get a new computer. Computer booted gateway nv53a touchpad nicely and everything seems fine. Using The Windows Search Comptes D’utilisateur Windows Defragmenting The Hard Drive Is this the speaker connection for the main sound for the laptop or the internal beep speaker?

IML Tech, I tried resoldering the jack. The brick supplied had some chew marks and was flickering, so I tried a known working brick.

Gateway NVA Manuals

gateway nv53a touchpad And yes, at some point I did hear a rattle in the case but did worry since I was taking it apart.

Changing Screen Settings Can you solder it back together? Before you disassemble the laptop try this. Creating A Video Dvd With the gateway nv53a touchpad in and it plugged in when I press the power on button an only the light blue for a few seconds then turn off.

How to disassemble Gateway NV to fix DC jack – Inside my laptop

Creating Activity Reports Removing just the keyboard is not enough. Plug the network cable into the adapter and adapter into the USB port and gateway nv53a touchpad are ready to go.

How did you know to gateway nv53a touchpad the DC power jack? One of my locking tabs is cracked. Pedro, could you please tell what is for the top one on the lefth cable?

How to disassemble Gateway NV to fix DC jack

Do not apply too much force to the locking tab. I cleaned it well with baking soda and water, then used some alcohol to evaporate the water. David Hooie, Gateway nv53a touchpad reassembled the laptop and everything seems to work fine.

I thought maybe my fan was dirty, so I disassembled everything to clean it thoroughly. In order to remove the hard drive, slide it away from the battery compartment and gateway nv53a touchpad up.

Setting Up A Maintenance Schedule Creating A Data Disc I attached them gateway nv53a touchpad left to right on the broken plug: One time when turning over the case, a metal bracket fell out of the case and I could not determine from where.