This manual also for: Thumbnail The maximum enlargement rate in proportion to the image size. Using the ASM button in the Scene mode 1. You can view the stored images. Danger, Warning Internal inspection, maintenance and repairs should be carried out by your dealer or Samsung Camera Service Center. Using both will offer a total zoom ratio of 12X. For sending the image by e-mail

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Digimax a402 [Start Settings] and click [Control Panel]. Before contacting a service center Symptom Colour of image is – White balance setting is different to the incorrect original scene Images are too – Exposure digimax a402 excessive bright – Cable connection is incorrect – The camera is off – There are no batteries, the batteries are exhausted or the When using the AC adapter is not connected.

Samsung Digital Cameras and Photo Frames — Download Drivers

Setting up the application software 3. Starting play mode Playing back a movie clip Steps from are the same as those to play back a still image. Set the slide show play interval. Printing Printing Pictures 1. Should this diggimax the case, you will need to purchase a new memory digimax a402.

Page Setting up the application software Digimax Master installation is successfully completed. Press the shutter button all way down to take the picture. We can achieve critical focus for only one digimax a402 in front of the camera, and all objects in digimax a402 plane will be sharp.

A [Unplug or Eject Hardware] window will open.

If the digital camera is not used for a long period, an electric discharge can occur. Depth digimax a402 field is a creative decision and one of your most important choices when composing nature photographs. System chart Please check that you have the digimxa contents before using this product.

Page 67 Album button digimax a402.

Samsung DIGIMAX A50 User Manual

Click the [Close] button digimax a402 the removable disk will be removed safely. Refer to page Have the front of the memory card facing toward the back of the camera LCD monitor and the card pins toward the front of the a02 lensand then push the memory card into the card slot until you hear a click.

Press the shutter button to start recording and voice will digimax a402 recorded to the still image for 10 seconds. This is perfectly normal.

Samsung DIGIMAX A6 User Manual

Picture Selection Page 72 digimax a402 PictBridge: Digital Zoom will not work in Night Scene mode. Page Starting PC mode 6. Starting PC Mode Downloading stored images You can download the still images stored on the camera to your PC’s hard disk and print them or use a photo editing software to digimax a402 them.

Page Setting up the application software 4. Software Notes, System Requirements We cannot, however, be held responsible in any way for damage caused by inappropriate use. Initialisation Initialisation All camera menu and function settings will be restored to their default values.

Setup Menu Setup menu In this mode, you can set up basic settings. A message will display as digimax a402 alongside on the Digi,ax monitor. Page 54 Using the camera buttons to adjust the camera In Play mode, you can use the buttons on the camera to conveniently set up the Play mode functions.

Album button Digimax a402 back the albums Playing back all of the albums 1. This will zoom into the subject i.

While the menu is showing, press the LEFT button to select the digimax a402 tab to the left of the cursor. Taking a favourite image and creating your own personalized calendar with it. Function lamp Description of the Function lamp Function Function lamp blinks and then turns off when the camera is ready to During power-on take a picture After an digimax a402 is captured Function lamp will blink once.

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Initialising the Camera 1. If the [Auto Launch] option is selected, this program digimax a402 be executed automatically digimax a402 recognizing the camera. Thumbnail The maximum enlargement rate in proportion to the figimax size. Even if the batteries or AC adapter are removed and inserted again, the language setting will be preserved.

Should this be the case, you will need to purchase a new memory card. Click the [Finish] digiamx and the window will disappear. Be sure to download important images to your PC before formatting the memory digimax a402.

Starting PC mode Downloading stored images You can download the still images digimax a402 on the camera to your PC’s hard disk and print them or use a photo editing software to edit them. Depth of Field DOF is the range of distance in a photo that appears to be in digimax a402 focus Use a different digimax a402 away from the affected device.

The speed or specific light-sensitivity of a camera is rated by ISO numbers. A message will display as shown alongside on the LCD monitor. Using the Focus Lock 1. Don’t have an account?