If you are sending a fax document from your machine at the same time another fax machine made by a company other than Canon is trying to send you a fax, your fax document may end up being redirected to that fax machine, instead of the original destination you had intended. Using the Touch Panel Display You can cancel a send job by pressing [Cancel], while the job is being scanned. Make sure that you hear the other party or carrier signal a high-pitched tone. Service Tools Chapter 13 Service Tools Chapter 7 F 4 Remove the clamp [1] and disconnect the 2 flat cables [2].

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Setting to Confirm Entered Fax Numbers This mode displays a confirmation screen when a user enters a fax number, to prevent misdialing. Page 47 Contents Contents 5. HY and bushing solid lubricating material Lithium soap Lubricant When mounting the cartridge cover, be sure to fit the 2 fixing assembly release hooks [2] in the 2 hook holes [1] found in the cartridge cover.

Manually print the Forwarding Conditions List whenever necessary. Error Messages, Self-diagnostic Display Error Messages This section explains the various messages that appear on the touch panel display, along with possible causes and remedies. Using the Favorites Buttons If you frequently send documents canon faxphone l80 windows 7 64 bit the same document settings to the same destination, store these settings in a favorites button.

Prints a Fax RX Report each time a document is received. See, “Setting the Current Date and Time,” Communications Settings Table The following items can be stored or set in Communications Settings from the Additional Functions screen. Abbreviations Canon faxphone l80 windows 7 64 bit in This Manual In this manual, product names and model names are abbreviated as follows: Cause 2 The IP address is not set. The place to find device driver updates.

The file name prefix is generated by the document’s name, the year, month, day, Just browse our organized database and find a driver that fits your needs. Users in the U.

Selecting the Type of Telephone Line Canon faxphone l80 windows 7 64 bit the type of telephone line that is connected to the machine. For more information, contact your local authorized Canon dealer. Enter all four digits of the time including zerosusing hour notation. Check the destination in the Address Book. Sending Fax Documents Manually This mode enables you to manually send fax documents after checking that the destination is ready to receive fax transmissions.

Send TX Mode of transmission: The contents of the sent document are not printed on the Fax TX Report. This manual also for: Dell Laser Printer n PS3. Page Press [Subaddress]. Canon faxphone l80 windows 7 64 bit document, up to the last page that was successfully received, is printed.

Chapter 12 Function Not used Not used The covers around the laser scanner unit are identified by the following label [1].


Adjusting the Contrast Sharpness This mode enables you to scan original images with a sharper or softer contrast. Job Build Job Build This mode enables you to scan originals that are too many to be placed at once, by dividing them into multiple batches.

The level of the dial tone can be adjusted sindows pressing [ ] or [ You can enter an extension number after dialing the fax number.

Sending Methods You can enter the document’s name, subject line, message body text, and replay-to address for document to be sent. Page 71 Enter the recipient’s fax number using numeric keys, and Details of each item are shown below. Includes the report samples, glossary, specifications, and index. Table of Wineows Add to my manuals Add.

Things You Must Do Before Using This Machine This section describes the important setting registrations and procedures that must be canon faxphone l80 windows 7 64 bit before the machine is used for sending operations. List Of Error Codes Without Messages List of Error Codes without Messages If an error occurs while a document is being canon faxphone l80 windows 7 64 bit or received, an error code is displayed on the job log in the System Monitor screen, and is included in various reports.

To cancel the Stamp mode, press [Stamp] again. Restricting the Send Function You can set the Address Book with a password and set access ibt to restrict its use. To enlarge the original image, select bih preset enlargement ratio. Upper Cover Chapter 7 F F 7. Sending a Searchable PDF This mode enables you to perform OCR optical character recognition wjndows extract data that can be recognized as text from the scanned bif, and add it as a transparent layer of text to create a PDF file that is searchable.

Book, one-touch buttons, or favorites buttons i Erase from the Send Basic Features screen. This is useful for checking the details of the settings.